15 March 2013


£15.00 - Gaelic Nursery Red Nose Day - cash
£54.70 - Sweepstake Red Nose Day - raised
£    .65 - Red Nose Day Cake Stall sales :-( - sales
£  5.00 - Woodland Trust - Ibuyeco insurance - CC
£  2.00 - Cancer Research Raffle tickets - cash
£  1.00 - Cancer Research Raffle badge - cash
£  8.00 - Red Cross - DD
£10.00 - Cancer Research - DD
£96.35 - March
£40.25 - February
£23.05 - January

£159.65  - Running Total

07 February 2013


£  1.00 - Help our Heroes - Paypal
£15.00 - Beetle Drive for Children 1st - cash
£  6.10 - Red Nose Day products - credit card
£    .15 - Railway Children - change in a box
£  8.00 - Red Cross - DD
£10.00 - Cancer Research - DD
£40.25 - February
£23.05 - January
£63.30 - Running Total

23 January 2013


£    .05  - Kids' Charity - Perfume Shop pay-by-CC
£  5.00  - Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team - JustGiving
£  8.00  - Red Cross - DD
£10.00  - Cancer Research - DD
Question though: do local groups count as 'charity' because you are giving money to help them out, or just charity charities..? Dilemma, dilemma.

10 January 2013

New Year Resolutions - 2013

  1. Run 5k for charity instead of my usual walking 5k slowly with my kids
  2. Give/raise £1000 for charity by various means
  3. Attempt the 365 Project

  1. Well, started the NHS Couch to 5k (C25k) in September 2012 and can just about run 5k (or half an hour). Just need to get this chest infection kicked into touch, get some rest for my CFS, and get out practising. Anyone want to join me?
  2. This is possibly a bit ambitious, and really I just wonder how much I do give/raise in a year. Not saying it is as much as £1000, but just curious. We'll see - tally going on this blog. 
  3. Started, quite appropriately I think, on 01.01.13 - pictures on my flickr site.

26 June 2008

Holly "If you are mean to me again...

... I'm leaving. I'm really going to go. One more time. I'll go, and I'll marry a REAL boy and you won't see me again. Ever. If you're horrible just one more time. Or I'll go to an orphanage and you won't see me again. Ever."

me "Ok."

"Unless you visit the orphanage."

Oh and our holiday starts tomorrow; Liam, packs..!

Honestly, boys...

30 May 2008

I love this... my fave advert at the moment...

... and a good wee website.


05 October 2007

"I can't de-popcorn my head... and it's all Dad's fault!"

"Do you know what my favourite popcorn is? ... ... yummy head to toe, yummy head to toe, yummy head to toe!"

Much hilarity.

We are all at it.

Popcorn mad.

Liam Baldwin you have a lot to answer for. I'm just glad that this one wasn't the "soundtrack of a 1970s Swedish porn movie." Now that would have been some fast action.

It is now officially the school holidays... hurray! Well, hurray for some. Me, I'm working all bar two days. Not quite sure it has sunk in with Liam that he has both girls at home all day for 2 weeks...


... actually maybe it has because he's fallen asleep on the sofa whilst watching bad science fiction. Obviously saving brain cells, while I chatted on Skype with my friend Thomas in Finland. I love Skype and I love Couchsurfing... It is so cool being in touch with interesting people around the world.

Here is a picture that Diana in Romania sent me last night...

Daisy by Diana V - 2007

I love it. x

Thank you again, Diana. x x

We've just had a request from a lady and her family who has offered to bring us as much home-made plaited Swiss bread as we can fit in our freezers... gosh... I hope she comes... yum, yum